Policy Pillars

Vision: Washington Association for Substance Abuse and Violence Prevention (WASAVP) is recognized as 

the lead voice for state and national advocacy and essential

stakeholder in matters of substance abuse and violence prevention in Washington State.

Advocacy Pillar:


• WASAVP should be among the fi.rst stakeholders to be approached by individuals and organizations 

engaging in conversation s, meetings  and/or  programs  that address  substance  abuse and violence


• WASAVP will achieve this stature by seeking and being sought to establish partnerships with 

other individuals and organizations that have policy oversight and/or administrative authority in 

areas of substance abuse and violence prevention.

• In so doing, WASAVP should articulate "idealized" policy positions, advocating for the 

development and implementation of a comprehensive prevention strategy as well as a fully realized 

prevention "infrastructure" in every county and community.

• In order to preserve and increase sub stance abuse and violence prevention funding, WASAVP must 

advance a comprehensive approach by tracking and advocating for federal, state and local funding 

potentials. Local funding includes county, city and school district funding streams. A goal in 

analyzing these funding environments is to add prevention as a line item or a program item in local budgets,

 initiatives, and  funding streams .

Capacity Pillar:

• From this position within the community of prevention professionals  and policy makers,  WASAVP 

should endeavor to empower and encourage colleagues  to become  proactive in  articulating  and  

advocating  for substance abuse and violence prevention. This can be achieved  by providing  

technical  assistance  to partner and  constituent  organizations  and supporting  political 

activism  among colleagues.

•  To increase WASAVP's capacity building abilities, partnerships and collaborations with diverse 

groups of organizations  and individuals  with similar missions will  be sought after .

• In addition to establishing itself within the community  of prevention  professionals  and policy 

makers, WASAVP should establish a public, statewide and national profile utilizing various media to 

expres s and promulgate advances  in substance  abuse and violence prevention  policies  and  


Foundation: WASAVP  members, community,  school,  families, children, colleagues,  policy makers.

Adopted  by the Washington  Association  of Substance  Abuse and Violence  Prevention  Board