Jan 22

Twenty Provisions to Promote Healthy Children & Communities in a Legal Marijuana Marketplace

UPDATED!  In line with recent calls for Washington to “get it right” and for “strict controls” on the state’s new marijuana marketplace, WASAVP recommends the implementation of policies to prevent youth marijuana use and promote healthy communities.  Among the policies are:

  • Restrict marijuana advertising beyond what is included in I-502 which does not address mass media such as magazines, television, and the internet.  Marijuana is already advertised in mainstream publications  despite a federal ban on advertising controlled substances.
  • Restrict product sampling in stores, farmers markets, or any retail outlet.
  • Mandatory responsible vendor program for all licensed vendors, including medical marijuana outlets to prevent sales to minors and reduce theft and robbery.
  • Extend smoke-free laws to include marijuana smoke.

Read more at the WASAVP Marijuana Education Toolkit or by clicking: Provisions to Promote Healthy Children and Communities.