Marijuana Policy Toolkit

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Updated: August 19, 2014

Initiative 502

Initiative 502: full text of marijuana legalization initiative

Medical Marijuana

Washington State Senate Bill 5887 – Concerning the medical use of cannabis

Washington State Department of Health medical marijuana website

 Washington State Medical Marijuana Law

RMHITDA – Colorado’s “Medical” Marijuana: Are regulations working or is “medical” marijuana being diverted?, August 2012

I-502 In the News

Jefferson County puts freeze on marijuana permits (August 15, 2014) A trade convention for marijuana in Tacoma Dome (August 15, 2014) Marijuana’s big weekend: Hempfest and CannaCon, the largest ever pot trade show (August 14, 2014) How to behave at Hempfest (August 13, 2014) An open letter to Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes (August 13, 2014) Emails: Seattle city attorney’s …

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WA Legislature & I-502

2014 Session HB 1597 – Making marijuana law technical corrections HB 2144 – Concerning the establishment of a dedicated local jurisdiction marijuana fund and the distribution of a specified percentage of marijuana excise tax revenue to local jurisdictions HB 2149 – Concerning medical marijuana HB 2198 – Providing tax relief to qualifying patients for purchases of marijuana for medical …

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Washington State Liquor Control Board & I-502

Marijuana Rule Changes 2014 Emergency Rules for marijuana-infused foods appealing to children, June 25, 2014 Summary Issue Paper WAC Amendatory Section Interim Policy BIP-09-2019 to address changes made by ESHB 2304 regarding marijuana processor and retail licenses.  The bill expands the definition of marijuana toinclude concentrates: “Marijuana concentrates” is defined as resin extracted from the Cannabis plant with a high THC …

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I-502 Lawsuits

Lawsuits re: local bans on marijuana businesses Graybeard Holdings LLC v. City of Fife, Pierce County Superior Court and MMH LLC v. City of Fife, Pierce County Superior Court NEW!  WA Attorney General brief, August 19, 2014 Summary:The Attorney General’s Office (AGO) argues that nothing in I-502 overrides local governments’ preexisting authority to regulate local businesses, including marijuana …

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State Agencies & I-502

Governor’s Office, News release: Keeping marijuana away from teens focus for state leaders, June 24, 2014 Washington State Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery Underage marijuana use prevention toolkit Marijuana abuse prevention Youth marijuana prevention symposium Initiative 502 Implementation Planning, October 2013 Washington State Department of Health, Recreational Marijuana Washington State Department of Ecology, Marijuana licensing and the environment Washington State …

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Local Governments & I-502

Association of Washington Cities  Sample of Washington City Ordinances and Moratoria (as of June 2013) Letter to the Liquor Control Board re: draft rules for I-502  (June 2013) FAQ on the Marijuana Initiative, I-502 I-502: Impacts of the marijuana initiative Municipal Research and Services Center of Washington Recreational Marijuana: A Guide for Local Governments – includes information on …

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National & Federal Organizations & I-502

United States Department of Justice Memo: Guidance Regarding Marijuana Enforcement, August 29, 2013 Controlled Substances Act Statement about I-502 (December 5, 2012) “Ogden Memo” regarding medical marijuana enforcement Law enforcement leaders letter to Attorney General Holder re: Guidance Regarding Marijuana Enforcement, August 30, 2013 Letter to Attorney General Holder from CADCA Chariman and CEO Arthur T. Dean, September 6, …

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Health Organizations & Marijuana Legalization

Washington Poison Center Cannabis Report, July 17, 2014 Marijuana and You Marijuana Edibles – Facts and Your Health American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, Marijuana Legalization Policy Statement, April 2014 National Association of School Nurses, Marijuana and Children, January 2014 New England Journal of Medicine Big Marijuana – Lessons from Big Tobacco, June 11, 2014 Adverse Health Effects …

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WASAVP & I-502

WASAVP Marijuana Prevention Update, April 21, 2014 WASAVP comments to Liquor Control Board re: medical marijuana (November 13, 2013) Marijuana Policy Implications, presentation given by WASAVP President during University of Washington Marijuana Symposium, November 13, 2013 WASAVP Action Alert: Participation needed this week at LCB hearings (August 5, 2013) WASAVP Action Alert: Stop Big Marijuana (July 29, 2013) WASAVP letter to Liquor Control Board re: …

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Partner Organizations & I-502

Mercer Island Communities That Care Coalition video: Marijuana & Teens After I-502Initiative 502 Implementation Planning NW-HIDTA Washington State 2012 Marijuana Situation Report  Facts About Marijuana  

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Marijuana Policy & Advocacy

Developing Public Health Regulations for Marijuana: Lessons from Alcohol and Tobacco, American Journal of Public Health, April 17, 2014 U.S. could allow state-approved marijuana commerce in return for help from states, UCLA, August 22, 2012 RAND Drug Policy Research Center Webcast on Public Health Regulations for Marijuana, February 11, 2013 (C-Span) Slides from February 11 webcast  Congressional Briefing, Marijuana …

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Marijuana Data

Market Size and Demand for Marijuana in Colorado, July 2014 Alcohol and marijuana use patterns associated with unsafe driving among U.S. high school seniors: High use frequency, concurrent use, and simultaneous use, Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, May 2014 Decriminalization of marijuana and impact on unintentional pediatric exposure, SAVIR webinar, April 28, 2014 Preventing unintentional …

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Seminars & Conferences

Challenges in Implementing Legalization, Sociable City Leadership Summit, May 16, Seattle City Hall Video and slides from: Symposium on Legal Marijuana in Washington, University of Washington, November 13, 2013 I-502 State and Federal Implications, October 1, 2013, Tacoma, National Cannabis Industry Association Symposium on Legal Marijuana in Washington: Shaping a Research Agenda, November 13, 2013, University of Washington …

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